About Us

KBK Laundry Powder consistently outperforms traditional detergent because plant-based ingredients work harder than chemical concoctions. You need less soap to achieve cleanliness and your clothes come out of the wash without the gummy feeling that standard detergents can leave behind.  Keeps colors bright and fabric structure maintains for a longer life.

      1. With KBK Organics Aromatherapy Laundry Powder, there is no need to add fabric softener.  Our aromatherapy laundry powder keeps the naturally occurring glycerin intact, which acts as a softener in the fibers of your fabrics. Our natural laundry powder is great for vintage clothing, baby diapers, colors and delicates that need hand washing.

      2. KBK Laundry Powder is better for your skin –. Our Natural laundry powder is hypoallergenic to help people with skin sensitivities.   Your clean clothes will be comfortable and non-irritating.

       3. Our Natural laundry powder is septic-safe.  Septic systems can be sensitive when it comes to what you can put into them.  They clog easily. Our natural laundry powder will help you get the most out of a septic tank’s normal functions.  Our natural laundry powder won’t interfere with the septic process at all.

       4. The ingredients of our product make their way into the air when used. The natural ingredients of Our Natural detergent is safer to breathe during use, making for a safer home environment for your family, pets and yourself.

        5. Non-lathering bubbles makes this product great for HE washers.


NOTE* Our aromatherapy laundry powder i.e., Lemon, Lavender, and Honeysuckle is 100% ALL NATURAL . Our Unscented laundry powder is 100% ORGANIC.
Our packaging is NOT 100% biodegradable.However, we strive to one day become completely biodegradable as we grow. Saving the environment one step at a time.