Child Cartoon Face Shield Rabbit for Girls & Bear for Boys


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Protective wear for children outdoors, school, parks. (All ages)

Safe and non-toxic face shield with adjustable elastic headbands


  • Full face shield with elastic band and sponge headband.  Easy to wear and suitable for various face shapes and sizes.
  • Protects your child’s eyes and face
  • High-quality material: The protective face shield is made of high-hardness, scratch-resistant, highly transparent PET material. No odor, light weight, super soft and highly breathable.
  • Covers the area from the eyebrows to the chin for comprehensive facial protection

How to Use:

  • There is a protective film on the front and back of the protective cover, and the line of sight is clearer after tearing off.
Child Face Shield

Pink Bunny Rabbit, Brown Bear


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